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Welcome to the wonderful world of paid apps Canada!

Candians are finally welcome to spend their hard earned Loonies in the Android Market

Break out your finest syrup and an icy Molson cause paid apps have finally made their way to the Great White North. First the Olympics and now this, honestly Canada is just killing it so far this year.

We reported on the possibly imminent arrival of paid apps in Canada a couple weeks ago and Android and Me reader “G__” tipped us to the fact that they have gone live today. The aptly named Mobilesyrup has posted the video below documenting the process on their shiny new Samsung Galaxy Spica.

The ability to access the full Android Market is pivotal for users and developer’s alike so this is great news all around.

There appears to be some confusion as to why the Market shows the cost for apps in the developer’s currency rather than Canadian dollars, but that’s the way things work on my Droid as well so fear not intrepid Canadians you aren’t being discriminated against this is just one of the vagaries of the Android Market.

Some Telus users have been reporting no paid options showing up for them so if any Canadian readers care to chime in and let us know what they are seeing that would be awesome.

So what’s your first purchase going to be, eh? (Sorry I tried, but couldn’t resist)

Source: Mobile Syrup

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