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CardioTrainer: Your virtual workout buddy

Spring is in the air, but summer is just around the corner! Forget overpriced personal trainers, forget the tedium of calorie counters, and forget trying to remember how far you ran and how many calories you’re burning. What better way to get into shape than by tracking your entire walk, run, bike ride, and more with CardioTrainer from WorkSmart Labs.

Available for free on the Android Market, this app utilizes your phone’s built in GPS to track your workout, paints your track on a map (using Google Maps), and counts calories burnt. What’s more, these tracks can be uploaded for free to WorkSmart’s website to be viewed and shared online with friends via email or social media sites such as Facebook.

Along with the already great variety of workouts, CardioTrainer comes bundled with a 7 day trial of their Weight Loss software. This service lets users create a custom weight loss plan by setting a goal weight and time frame, and integrates the workout data being captured to show how many pounds are being lost to achieve this goal weight. After the trial, that portion of the program is $2.99.


  • Tracks a wide variety of workouts
  • Allows manual entry of workouts/calories burnt elsewhere
  • Seamlessly integrates workout data into weight loss program
  • Works with all Android versions

Needs Improvement:

  • Program only works in portrait mode
  • Weight loss program must be completely restarted if any changes need to be made to it
  • Depending on some phones, GPS may lag behind the actual location to track

Final Verdict

As one of the better and more complete weight loss and workout tracking apps available on the Market, Cardio Trainer is worth a shot. For those serious about tracking their workouts and seeing results, CardioTrainer won’t disappoint.

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Note: This review was submitted by Eric Johnson as part of our app review contest.

Source: WorkSmart Labs

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