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Digg: First Android app provides easy access to content, but leaves out too many features

Arriving only a few weeks after its iPhone counterpart, a Digg app is now available for Android. The app is straight forward, showing the most dugg stories from the Digg.com website, but it delivers only the most basic experience leaving out even seemingly obvious features.

The Digg app allows for browsing in only 3 categories: Top, Recent and Upcoming. Missing is the ability to browse just images, video, or news (or any number of the many categories on Digg). To add further insult to injury their is NO search feature at all.

Once you choose an article or item of interest, the article loads directly with no intermediate page requiring yet another selection. I really liked that they save us the extra click here. Articles load inside of a “walled garden” in-app browser that poses a few restrictions I found annoying. You can’t pinch to zoom or double tap articles or images to zoom in. There are magnification controls but I found that using them was slow and annoying.

There’s no way to save or share any of the content on articles either. I really enjoy saving images and then posting them on Facebook so this was a real bummer for me as there is no way to save images from an article.

There is a commenting button that takes you to a full list of comments, replies and also related stories for any given article. That’s all good and well but unfortunately there is no way to create a comment or reply to someone’s comment.

Final verdict

Digg app is simple to use and delivers on the most basic function of “digging” or “burying” content but leaves out too many basic features. You may find better luck using the m.digg.com website from your mobile browser which at least doesn’t restrict you from sharing stories.


  • One press access to the most popular dugg articles and items.

Needs improving:

  • No option to share stories
  • No commenting on articles
  • No pinch to zoom
  • No search or categories

Note: Version 1.0 was used for this review.

From the Digg blog: We’d love your feedback so please tell us what you think. We’ll be working hard on releasing more improvements to this app in the coming weeks.

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Note: This review was submitted by Jon Morales as part of our app review contest.

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