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Touiteur: The best damn Twitter application to date

Those who follow my Twitter feed know I am an avid Twitter user. Because I post dozens of tweets over the course of the day, I, and several other like-minded people, are very demanding of our Twitter apps. Personally, I have tried almost every single Twitter app on the market, and most have left me relatively unsatisfied.

That is, until Touiteur came along. By now, most of you have heard of Touiteur. Touiteur is currently in version 1.15 and is developed by LevelUp Studio, so you know it has the same gorgeous user interface we have come to expect from LevelUp Studio. Most importantly, however, Touiteur delivers all of the features you would expect from an Android Twitter client, such as the ability to retweet with comments, post a new tweet, easy access to user profiles, URL shortening, multiple accounts, and the ability to share pictures and videos from the gallery.

What Touiteur has added that most of the other Twitter applications don’t have are integrated Twitlonger capability (including the ability to read longer tweets directly from the app), ability to view replies directly in the news feed, and a useful quick-use bar that puts everything you would likely do in response to a tweet (reply, view links, retweet, direct message) as well as a full conversation view all right under the selected tweet. This last feature is tremendously convenient, and really sets apart the Touiteur application from its competition.

Touiteur is available on the Android market for free, but you can unlock more features with the purchase of the Premium version. For more details, visit the official LevelUp Studio Touiteur page.


  • Convenient quick-use bar with full conversation view support
  • Integrated Twitlonger viewing and tweeting abilities
  • Beautiful user interface
  • All of your content (@ replies, twitlonger posts, pictures) all in one feed

Things I would like to see in future releases

  • Ability to take a picture directly from the application (current app just lets you attach the pictures you’ve already taken)

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Touiteur is the holy grail of Twitter clients available on the Android Market today. That is not to say this app is for everyone, as some users will not need the clutter of all the features Touiteur offers, but you owe it to yourself to give Touiteur a try. It might very well become your new standard Twitter app!

Note: This review was submitted by Anthony Domanico as part of our app review contest.

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