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What the Doodle!?: Come see my skills of an artist!


I spent a fairly good number of hours back in the day on a website called iSketch.net. The premise was simple — an online chat room, with a game of Pictionary going on in the background. Games went by quickly, with mouse/trackball drawings of the words provided, with the artist rotating each round.

You have no idea how happy I was when I came across What the Doodle!? The core game play is effectively the same as iSketch — on a smaller scale. When you first load the app, you’re greeted by a welcome screen and several menu items to join a public/private game, get instructions, set some options, or even set up a small profile for your account. You can even doodle a small avatar that pops up when you win a game, or on the leader boards.

Speaking of the game, each game starts with five players, and goes for 10 rounds. Drawing duties rotate from player to player, and words are picked based on the game difficulty chosen. The artist then has one minute to sketch the word on their screen while the other players attempt to guess the word. The artist gets one point if there word is guessed, and the player that correctly guesses the word gets a point. If nobody guessed the word, the artist loses a point. The player with the most points at the end of 10 rounds wins the game.

You can check your profile to see how many points you’ve accumulated, and your overall rank. As of this moment, my 217 points are good for 5,671st place. Guess I need to work on my skills of an artist! (Yes, the loosely based Strong Bad quote is intentional).

The Good

  • Addictive gameplay — if you like Pictionary, you’ll like WTD
  • Slick UI — very clean and easy to navigate
  • Drawing is responsive, and there are lots of color options

The Bad

  • This game will likely be more difficult on a phone with no hardware keyboard
  • Occasionally a very obscure word will pop up, even on Easy

What the Doodle!? was a winner of ADC2, and for good reason – the app is very polished, and the game is lots of fun. What the Doodle!? is available in the Android Market for UK£1.00 (about $1.50), with a Lite version available for free.

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Note: This review was submitted by Justin Jelinek as part of our app review contest.

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