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Pocket Empires Online: The ultimate MMO war game on Android

Pocket Empires is a MMO strategy game developed by Pocket Play and consists of real-time persistent gameplay. When you start up the game you’ll have a couple of options to choose from including which country to belong to (there’s two of them), gender and of course your empire’s name.

Once inside the game you’ll notice a similar type board to other strategy games such as Age of Empires or Civilization where you’ll conduct your building, perform research, and do your harvesting. Everything is based on time so building and research takes a certain amount of time as does travel. Your stats increase as the levels get higher or the distance of travel is further. Eventually you will move on to conquering other towns or monsters that reside on the open map.

So far I’ve enjoyed playing this game and aside from the odd connectivity issue, I’ve not had any real problems with this game at all. If you like persistent MMO strategy games then you’ll more then likely enjoy this one so I would definitely give it a try. Just be prepared to get attacked when offline!

Gameply features include:

  • Over 10 unique structures to build your city
  • Over 30 different creatures to be recruited or captured
  • Over 40 techs & 50 items to enhance your power
  • Huge map you and other players conquer
  • Ongoing game updates with even more content
  • Global Top 100 player board, Titles and more


  • Very in-depth gameplay
  • Actual interactivity as opposed to the typical browser style MMO’s available with buildings and monsters
  • The graphics are fairly nice as well with some animation of monsters on the open map
  • Overall responsiveness of the game and menus is pretty fast
  • No shortage of other players already
  • Lots of reports available from fights/raiding and overall economic statistics
  • Long gameplay
  • Lots of bonuses that can be purchased with gems


  • Aside from the opening music track (which seems slightly distorted) there’s no sound effects unless you get mail or a report
  • If you aren’t used to this type of time based gaming, you’ll probably find the game play slow after awhile, especially when building take 3-4 hours to be built
  • Some server connection problems (not sure if it was on my end or not)
  • More free player slots needed as one country is already full
  • If you don’t refer people to the game, you’ll run out of 100 gems quick and there’s no current option to buy gems.

Final Verdict

Overall this is a good solid title with a lot of potential, especially when considering the amount of time you’ll spend on playing it. Pocket Empires is free for download and ad supported with one ad in the bottom menu (only when it’s opened).

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Note: This review was submitted by Andrew Huff as part of our app review contest.

Source: Pocket Play

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