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World War: A nuclear war breaks out on Android

World War was originally developed for the iPhone, but recently came to Android. The company who makes it, Storm8, brags that they are, “the creator of the #1 Role Playing Games on the iPhone and iPod Touch.”

The game itself is a role playing game which means you do missions and battles to gain experience which will cause you to grow levels. At higher levels you can purchase better buildings and units to make you stronger in battle. Buildings boost defense, restore energy (which is used to complete missions), and increase cash flow. Units are used to win battles and complete missions.

The Android version of World War is identical to the iPhone version except for several aspects. The first difference is the navigation – instead of having permanently docked navigation buttons at the bottom, the controls can be accessed by pressing the menu button from any screen. Second, Storm8 does not offer honor points like they promote on Apple’s App Store. Honor points can be cashed in for money, allies, loot, and other rewards. If you run out of honor points you can also buy some from their website.

The missions (player versus computer) and battles (player versus other players) have no fancy graphics. Just simply click attack and are told the outcome. The battle system of the game happens continuously between all players of the game (even when you aren’t playing you can be attacked). You can also form alliances with other players in order to make you more powerful when fighting.

There is also currently no way to transfer an account from an iPhone or iPod Touch to the Android version. There are already many people asking for this on their forums, so hopefully it will come soon.

The goods:

  • Grow levels to unlock new buildings and combat units
  • Form an alliance with other players around the world
  • Five different countries offer unique bonuses to the players who fight for them

Needs improvement:

  • Currently there is no way to transfer and account from the iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Promotions giving free honor points are not yet offered on the Android Market
  • The back button doesn’t bring you to previous screens, but rather exits the game from any screen.

Final Verdict

If you like modern combat role playing games this will be fun for you. Those who prefer more general RPGs should check out the other games Storm8 makes. Be warned; you may get addicted.

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Note: This review was submitted by Kevin Jones as part of our app review contest.

Source: Storm8

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