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Advertisers still adjusting to mobile ad units

Oops. Google’s Adsense now allows advertisers to target specific devices and locations, but some companies are still adjusting to the new mobile format.

We currently use Adsense to help monetize our mobile site because a large portion of our traffic comes from Android devices and we wanted to test how the service performs. When creating a mobile ad unit, Google allows the publisher to specify which type of device the ad will target. Users can pick all phones or limit it to only “iPhone and other high-end devices (like Android)”.

Most of the carriers now advertise on our site because we fit their target markets. A keen reader spotted a Sprint ad on our site and clicked through to see what happened.

Flash is not supported by your browser.

The mobile ad unit sent the visitor to this Sprint page which is 100% Flash. Most Android phones do not support Flash so they get the infamous need-plugin-lego-block. Adobe will be releasing Flash 10.1 soon, but first-gen phones will not support it.

What have been your experiences with mobile ad units? Do you see advertisers taking advantage of the mobile web to its full extent? Are the ads relevant? Do you use AdBlock and could care less?

The joys of Flash.

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