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Android app review contest: Week 1 recap

One week ago we asked you to submit an app review in exchange for the chance to win the superphone of your choice and land an Editor’s position. Free phones always excite people, but we were blown away by the responses thus far.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a review. We value your contributions and it is great to see so many people excited about reviewing apps.

In the first week of the contest, we managed to publish 25 reviews. The submissions far exceeded all our expectations and we are behind on processing the reviews.

In order to streamline the submission process, we have switched to a hosted online form, which makes it easier to submit a review and upload screens. We have also enhanced our resources so more people will be engaged in the publishing process. For week two, our goal is to exceed 50 reviews.

We will also be running a simultaneous contest which encourages people to request app reviews.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will I get a response on my submission?
A: We are trying to respond to every entry, so please be patient.

Q: I already submitted a review through email? Do I need to submit it again using the online form?
A: No, there is no need to resubmit your review. We have them all saved and are working to process them.

Q: Can I submit more than one review?
A: Yes, you can submit as many reviews as you would like. However, you might want to wait and make sure your first submission is published before spending your time on additional reviews.

Q: Which apps do you want reviewed? Do you have any suggestions?
A: You are free to review any app, but keep in mind we are looking at audience feedback. You might want to explore the request a review contest or check out our Top 3 sites for discovering Android apps.

Q: I don’t want to become an Editor. Can I still submit a review?
A: Yes, anyone can submit a review and still be entered to win the contest. However, keep in mind we are looking to hire two Editors.

Q: Can the winner take the phone but not the job?
A: Yes, the winner could turn down the invitation to become an Editor and still take the prize. The point of the contest was to locate an Editor, so hopefully this will be avoided.

Q: How will you pick the winners of the contest?
A: The winners will be selected on a number of criteria. We are looking at the bios people submit, the quality of the reviews, and the responses from our readers. A good review is one that can be instantly published and does not require a lot of editing.

Tips for getting your review published

  • Proofread and spell check: If your submission is full of obvious errors it will be rejected
  • Concise and to the point: Some of the entries have been very unorganized and ramble on. Stick to the highlights of the app.
  • Be persuasive: Give me a reason to download the app. The “Final verdict” should describe who the app is for and give them a reason to try it out.
  • Engage the reader: There is no need to beg, but try to encourage a response from the reader. We like the reviews that generate a good response from the readers.
  • Follow the format: Make sure you read all the details on the original post. Browse some of the current entries for examples of what gets posted.
  • Be original: Submit a review for a lesser known app, but one of high quality. See our Top 3 sites for discovering apps to find something new.

We need your feedback

Take a look at some of the contest reviews we have already published. We are judging the reviewers based on user feedback so let us know what you think. Did the review suck? Did reading the review result in you downloading the app? Was there information in the review that was incorrect? Is there a competing application which gets the job done better?

We also need feedback on the actual review format. Are they too short or too long? Are we leaving out important information? Users already complained about leaving out the app version and phone used so we have added those details to our submission form. We will continue to listen to feedback and tweak the review format over the coming weeks.

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