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Contest: Review an app, win a superphone

Update: See the week 1 recap for additional details and tips on getting your review published.

Did you know this site gets over one million visits per month? With all that traffic comes a ton of requests for Android app reviews and there is no way for us to keep up. You might have noticed we added several contributors to help out (and they are doing a great job), but the time has come to hire two senior editors for reviews.

Clark is currently working on coding our new site and he is building a huge bucket. We need more content to fill that bucket up and Android app reviews will play an enhanced role after the redesign.

We could have put up a generic call-for-help type of post, but in traditional site fashion we are turning this into a contest with prizes. Starting today, we will begin an open tryout that will last all month.

The Positions

We are looking for two editors who will be solely responsible for reviewing apps. One will focus on applications while the other is in charge of games. Each position will be part time and come with a contract for a monthly rate.

Requirements for the job include:

  • An Android phone (any will do really, but something with Android 1.6 or greater preferred)
  • The ability to capture screens from your phone (it is not that hard)
  • The ability to author a WordPress post (we can teach you)
  • 10-15 spare hours each month

Responsibilities include:

  • Author five original reviews per month (minimum goal)
  • Edit and publish reviews that other contributors submit
  • Managing the new application and game hubs

The Review Format

Our goal is to keep the reviews short and compact. You can review anything you would like, but if you need some suggestions check out my Top 3 sites for discovering Android apps and games.

Each review should contain the following:

  • Body of the review: 200-300 words – more is acceptable when needed.
  • Final verdict: Quick 1-2 sentence summary of the entire review. We are not using a points system to rate apps at this time. Is it worth the price? Should I maybe try it out? Or just avoid it all together?
  • “Pros” and “needs improvement” lists (name will change): Short bullet list of the positive and negative points about the app. If there are no negative points, you can also substitute suggestions for improvements or additions you would like to see.
  • Special notes: Does the app require a certain version of Android?
  • Phone and version used: Please tell us the version of the app and on which phone it was reviewed.
  • Gallery: 3-5 screenshots

Optional content for reviews:

  • What is next?: Do some research and find out what updates are in store for the app or game. Many Android apps are constantly changing with new features and improvements being added.
  • Video: Search YouTube and find a video of the app. Many devs record their own demos and upload them for promotional purposes.

The Rules

The contest (aka public tryout) will run for the entire month of April. At the end of the month we will select the two people who submitted the best reviews. Multiple submissions are encouraged. Entries will be judged on the overall quality of the reviews and the responses generated from our readers.

  • Contest runs from April 1-30. Winners will be selected at the beginning of May.
  • Open to previous and current contributors along with anyone else who wants to apply.
  • Looking for reviewers in the United States since many new Android apps are U.S. only, but we will accept entries from any country.
  • Not all reviews will be published. If you do not meet the requirements, we will reject your review and explain why.
  • Each review that is published on the site will gain you entry into the contest. Users can submit multiple reviews during the contest period.
  • I have no problem with users reposting their reviews on their own personal blog, but please respect a 48 hr exclusive for our site.

All rules are subject to change. If I left something off or need to clarify an issue, the rules will be updated.

How to Enter

We have switched from email submissions to a hosted form in order to speed up the process.

Online review submission form

The Prizes

Each winner gets to choose any Android smartphone they want that is available on a U.S. carrier. If the user is from another country they must find an online vendor we can purchase the phone from or be able to accept PayPal. Keep in mind the contest does not end till the end of April so the phone purchases will be made in May. Hopefully, several new phones should be available by that time. If there is no phone the winner wants at the time, they can opt to wait or accept a $500 cash prize.

Each winner will receive:

  • Android phone of their choice
  • Invitation for a paid position with A&M

Help us review the reviewers

Check out the tag reviewcontest to follow all the entries that are submitted. Let us know which ones you like by leaving your input on the review pages.


I wanted to get this started today, so I might have left off some details in my rush to post this. If something needs to be clarified, please leave a comment and I will do my best to address it.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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