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Dell Streak 5 eyes Sept. launch, optional WiFi only version confirmed

The Dell Streak 5 (previously known as the Mini 5) has been on our radar for awhile, but we have yet to get an official announcement or launch date. Some new leaked slides posted on Engadget suggest the Android tablet/phone will appear around September this year.

The Streak is expected to ship with Android 1.6, but an OTA update to Android 2.1 should be available near launch. We expect to see the device on AT&T and possibly T-Mobile. The leaked slides also confirm an optional WiFi only version will be available.

Users will have many accessories to choose from.

A full suite of accessories will be available at launch. The Dell Streak 5 supports HDMI out, but it requires an optional dock for $69. It also appears the Streak lacks a micro USB port as it uses a special 30 pin to USB cable for syncing and charging.

Potential customers will have a wide selection of casing options to personalize their device. A full gallery of custom designs will also be available, similar to what is offered on the Dell laptops.

The Streak WiFi only version should match up nicely with Apple’s iPod Touch. The Streak will have a Kindle book reader application, Amazon MP3 and Video on demand store, and a possible Hulu service (which has been spotted on other new Dell Android devices).

The Dell Streak will come in numerous colors.

Source: Engadget

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