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Froyo (Android 2.2) will officially come with Flash 10.1 in its frosty center

Andy Rubin, VP of Mobile Platforms at Google, confirmed in an interview with the New York Times that Android 2.2 (a.k.a Froyo) will come with full Flash 10.1 support. We suspected this was a strong possibility for the Froyo release and expressed as much in our post last week.

Now we know that first gen devices will not support Flash 10.1, but with this new information a couple new question marks pop up.

Is Flash 10.1 exclusively supported by Android 2.2, or will users currently on Android 2.1 be able to download Flash separately somehow?

If it is exclusive to Android 2.2, which devices will be getting that update and when?

Does this news give any pause to any future Droid Incredible owners? The one major advantage that the Nexus One offered over the Incredible was the potential for rapid OS updates and with Flash potentially requiring just such an update that distinction just got a lot more significant.

Source: NY Times

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