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Good things come to those who wait: Verizon (un)officially confirms the HTC Incredible

All signs tell us Verizon will soon be launching the HTC Incredible, but the carrier has yet to officially announce it. We heard the device could be coming in two weeks, but that time frame has come and gone.

No new details were revealed, but someone running a Verizon Twitter account finally mentioned the phone. Their short message read, “As for the HTC Incredible…good things come to those who wait!”.

Speaking of waiting, Verizon has yet to release any details on their upcoming support of Google’s Nexus One. The phone is still listed on Google’s phone store with the time frame Spring 2010.

It appears both the Incredible and N1 are nearly ready, but one has to ask if the Droid’s success could be delaying these two phones. Verizon continues to pump out new ads for Motorola’s device and it is the best selling Android smartphone to date. No other U.S. carrier has any “superphones” coming out till the summer, so Verizon can sit on the Droid for awhile (since it is the best Android phone in retails stores).

If the Incredible is really this close to launch, I’ll check with my sources fist thing Monday morning and see if we can dig up some new details.

Better than nothing, right?

Via: Gearlog

Source: Twitter

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  1. AndrewGuest 5 years ago

    I sure hope its soon. Taylor are you getting one?

  2. matthewGuest 5 years ago

    Thanks for the update. I am amazed at Verizon’s inability to gauge consumer interests and/or demands. Verizon customers–like me–have been clamoring for the Nexus One and Incredible, but not a peep from the company. Now this VZWOffers tweets that tired expression about what comes to those who wait. How long is the question? Even tight-lipped Apple gives more launch clues than Verizon. Good grief.

  3. RyanGuest 5 years ago

    Screw verizon AT&T iPhone 4g is what I am witting for

  4. BKGuest 5 years ago

    Sigh, up here in ND AT&T is useless – thus no iPhone of any sort . . .
    But I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for the Incredible and/or N1. Current 2+ year-old Windows phone about dead. Hurry Verizon!

  5. Htc Incredible cada vez más cercaGuest 5 years ago

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  6. WillieGuest 5 years ago

    So many phones to pick from now. When the new iPhone comes out it will be so hard to decide which one to buy.

  7. Seriously, good things do come to those who wait

    Because if you waited, you wouldn’t have picked up a G1

  8. mfox223Guest 5 years ago

    The race is on… if Verizon does not have the Incredible out by May 1st when my contract is up, Sprint will get my business with the HTC Evo.

  9. HTC Incredible should have came out last month! Its kinda outdated now and nobody is checking for it! word to the HTC EVO,Iphone 4g, LG Eclipse LU2300, the nexus one and maybe a nexus two!

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