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If the X10 lands on AT&T, will anyone buy it?

Reading over the comments left on this site, it looks like the buzz has died down for the Sony Ericsson Experia X10. The phone was unveiled back in November, but no U.S. carriers have announced support for the device.

We have heard over and over that the X10 is almost guaranteed to appear on AT&T, but the carrier has been silent in a time that has many competing phones being announced.  A trusted source of Engadget is now claiming the X10 will finally appear on AT&T around late July.

It was originally pitched as a high-end phone, but the X10 still runs the aging Android 1.6 firmware. There have been signs that Sony Ericsson could update the phone to Android 2.1 this year, but that is not supposed to happen till September. Sony Ericsson also told us the X10 would not support multitouch, but other unofficial sources have offered conflicting reports.

With AT&T set to receive multiple high-end phones this year with Android 2.1 (Dell Streak 5, Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus One), how many are still thinking about Sony Ericsson? Does it need Android 2.1 before you would consider purchasing it? Does the multitouch support (or lack thereof) even matter?

Source: Engadget

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