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Motorola’s 3D Android phone appears again

New images have leaked of what could be Motorola’s first 3D Android phone. A similar device was spotted last week which looked more like a prototype, but these new images appear to be final hardware. We say this because the new phone (MT810) now sports the China Mobile logo.

The speculation of a 3D-capable device stems from Motorola’s recent patent application for a three dimensional display.

A section of the patent reads:

“An optical element is disposed, for example, molded or laminated, within the first housing. The optical element allows light to pass through, from the display to a side of the housing for viewing. While the display present images in two dimensions, the optical element changes the image viewed therethrough to appear as three dimensional. The optical element is a plurality of lens, preferably made of polymer lenticule, but may also be other types of optical structures, for example, electro-wetting lenses or parallax barriers.”

As you can see from the images below, this new Motorola phone has a transparent cover on top of its display. If you read through the entire patent, many of the features they describe match up nicely with the form factor of this device.

Nintendo is planning to launch their 3D handheld gaming system this year, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to see Motorola do the same. The 3D effects for the Nintendo 3DS are speculated to be based on autostereoscopic imagery generated by LCDs with parallax barrier technology, which is the same material mentioned in the Motorola patent.

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