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Multi-answers about Xperia X10 multitouch

We were a little surprised last month when the Sony Ericsson PR team confirmed to us that their Xperia X10 would not support multitouch gestures. It was thought to be a limitation of the hardware and future versions of Android would never enable it. Now we have conflicting information from a “man on the inside” that claims the X10 will receive Android 2.1 this September and it will in fact include multitouch.

With no U.S. launch date in site, the point may be moot by now. Even if the X10 gets multitouch in September, it will surely be overshadowed by newer devices like the Incredible, EVO 4G, Galaxy S, and so forth.

Is anyone out there still willing to plop down the cash to pick up the X10 if it ever comes out? Does the addition of multitouch change your mind at all or has the X10 outlived its own hype?

Via: Engadget

Source: mobiles.co.uk

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