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Nexus One learns a new trick, Wireless N

If you remember the iFixit teardown of the Nexus One, it revealed the device had a Broadcom chip labeled BCM4329EKUBG (which supports Wireless N) and a FM transmitter. Both features were not present when the phone launched on January 5th, but it looks like each is close to being implemented in Android 2.2.

Broadcom and Google just released updated drivers for the WiFi chipset which appear to enable Wireless N. Android hacker Steve Kondik (@cyanogen) was quick to pull the files into his repo and then @kmobs compiled them to run on his Nexus One. After setting his WiFi router to 802.11 N, Mr. Kmobs was able to connect his Nexus One and browse the internets.

This was captured in a short blurry-cam video.

If Broadcom and Google have already released these files into the wild, chances are pretty high they have already been implemented in an upcoming firmware. The official Android Open Source Project is typically a month behind (or more) the latest Android firmware.

What other tricks does the Nexus One have up its sleeve?

Source: YouTube

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