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OCNN powered by Motorola Devour with MOTOBLUR

The NFL has already banned tweeting before, during, and after games, but what about MOTOBLUR? The athlete formerly known as Chad Johnson announced today that he will be using a Motorola Devour with MOTOBLUR to power his citizen journalism company aptly named OCNN (Ocho Cinco News Network).

Chad Ochocinco (@OGOchoCinco) is nearing 1 million followers on Twitter as he covers football, music, shopping, and his daily life. OCNN has already launched an iPhone app but there are no current plans for Android (I bet that changes soon). and an Android client is now available.

Via: Android Central

Source: Motorola

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  1. A_non_i_mouseGuest 5 years ago

    I worked that this morning. You see the nice big screen behind him? Ya, I did that. :D

  2. Max FadiaGuest 5 years ago

    sweet i am not a big fan of twitter but i think this will make a boom for twitter for young adults and fans. i am going to make a twitter account because of my love for sports and athleats giving back to the tech community

  3. watermonkeyGuest 5 years ago

    Ochocinco is the man!, i have been using his app since the day it came out and his OCNN is very quick with the nfl news!

  4. @dariFRESHGuest 5 years ago

    I thought i saw him tweet that he was working on an android app to come out around summer …could be wrong though.

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