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Official HTC EVO 4G first look video

Lets give Sprint some advice on how to market the HTC Evo 4G

You saw it announced,  you saw it handled, and you saw it demonstrated, but until now you haven’t seen it floating and rotating in blank white space with some quasi-techno music bumping in the background.

It’s just a quick 90 second video extolling the virtues of the device, but at the moment I can’t get enough of the EVO 4G and I’m guessing many of you feel the same way.

HTC definitely needs a little work on their marketing as they highlight some of the ridiculous specs that the EVO 4G is packing, but they gloss over some standout features. For example: they tout the 8 megapixel camera without adding that it takes 720p video; they hold on a shot of the front facing camera, but don’t actually draw attention to what it is; they mention its ability to function as a personal mobile hotspot, but only show 2 laptops when it is capable of providing coverage for 8; they even forget to mention the 4.3″ screen.

Sprint has a remarkable device on their hands here and they really need to hit this one out of the park to get off of death watch. Considering they don’t have the best track record with their device specific advertising I thought we could give them a little help on how to pitch the EVO 4G to customers.

Personally I think a two-pronged attack could work well with one ad being a more polished version of this first look video by HTC with a more complete listing of the specs and a second styled after the Nexus One: Day One video. Among other things the day in the life ad really needs to convey the size of the screen which can’t come through in a device only ad and it also needs to show the user pocketing the device to alleviate any concerns that a device with a screen that big can’t be portable.

So if you could speak directly to Sprint’s marketing department what advice would you give them for the EVO 4G?

Source: HTC YouTube Channel

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