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RT: Official Twitter for Android confirmed

We hinted last month that Twitter was working on an official Android client, but some people found the news hard to believe. Since that time Twitter launched a BlackBerry app and acquired Tweetie for its official iPhone version.

Today at Twitter’s Chirp conference, CEO Ev Williams announced an Android client was next on their list.

“We found we were under-serving users. We realized we had to have a core experience on these major platforms just like we do on the Web, otherwise we are failing users. It’s (Android client) going to be awesome.”Ev WilliamsTwitter CEO

Some sites are speculating that Twitter might acquire a current Android app to make their own, but I’ve been told that an original client is already in development and has been in testing for several months.

The real question now is, how long before Twitter releases the app and when will Google integrate it into their Android operating system?

In exchange for offering their own native apps, Twitter will offer developers limitless user streams and annotations and continue to push their @anywhere platform. Twitter is hoping that devs will use their huge pipe of data to launch killer apps that start entirely new businesses.

Other Twitter announcements from Chirp included the coming additions of places to its geo-tweets (check-ins, but not really) and its own link shortener.

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Source: TechCrunch

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  1. JesseGuest 5 years ago


    I haven’t purchased a Twitter app for my phone yet. I wonder how this will stack up to the great apps that are already available.

    It’s ironic that I was going to buy one this weekend since I’m buying a Nexus One on friday.

    I think I’ll wait.

  2. Zacqary Adam GreenGuest 5 years ago

    The downside, of course, is that there will be no way to get away from the new sponsored tweets, whereas a third party client could still neglect to implement that “feature.”

    That might be okay, because maybe they won’t be invasive, but who knows?

  3. Thats cool.. Android rocks.

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  5. BGuest 5 years ago

    Not following androidandme, but I do have your widget on my homescreen.

  6. Aaron VailGuest 5 years ago

    yay! I’m very excited for this, I have a motorola Droid from verizon and I’m currently using the seesmic app for my twitter and I love it.. I hope that twitter makes one similar or better, because seesmic (in my opinion) is the best and free android client, twitter has to top them

  7. JustinGuest 5 years ago

    Yay! Just what we need…another Twitter app.
    I am quite content with Hootsuite and do see changing anytime soon.

  8. NookSurferGuest 5 years ago

    I’m surprised it’s taking them this long. Were they just waiting to see if the Android will get more market share before committing their resources?

  9. Pumped about chcking this out. Now if Facebook would only un-crapify their app.

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  13. Trabajos Medio TiempoGuest 4 years ago

    wow! That was 1 year ago, now there are some really cool apps for getting twitter in your android!