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Sprint is giving away 10 HTC Evo 4Gs to Sprint Premier customers

HTC Evo 4G will be launching on Sprint on June 13

I have no idea what being a Sprint Premier customer does for you on most days, but today it is offering you a kick ass contest from Sprint that could potentially net you an HTC Evo 4G, a trip to Maui, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Houston, and $4,000.

So the first step is to figure out if you are a Sprint customer; look down at your phone and if it says “Sprint” on it somewhere then chances are good that you can check this one off the list.

Now you need to verify whether or not you are a Sprint Premier customer. If you have an individual account with a base rate plan of at least $69.99, or a family plan with a base rate plan of at least $99.99, or if you have been a Sprint customer for at least 10 years you qualify. If you meet the requirements but have never bother to sign up you can do so right here.

Alright, now you can finally hit the contest page to enter. It’s a little more involved than just hitting an enter button, but not too bad. The only thing that will require any thought is the “fast fact” essay (150 words or less) that tells them what you can do really fast. This can be basically anything, but you are being judged on creativity and “entertainment value” so I would steer away from the first five things that pop into your head.

You’ve probably already made your way to the contest page by now, but just in case you are sticking with me for some reason here is a more complete description of the prizes. There are 10 HTC Evo 4Gs that will come with a free year of service. These 10 are the Semi-Finalists and they will have to blog about their experiences with their Evo 4G. The top 4 bloggers as selected by Sprint (the Finalists) will then be given a long weekend trip to one of the four aforementioned cities. Finally the public at large will get to vote on their favorite among the four bloggers and the winner will receive $4,000.

What? What are you still doing here? Get out there and enter!

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Source: Sprint

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