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The Droid Incredible has internal storage to spare and video out


So despite having its full user manual leaked and being officially outed by Verizon it looks as though the Droid Incredible had just a few more tricks up its sleeves.

The most significant news is that the Incredible is going to come with 6.6 GB of internal storage; if that number sounds familiar that would be because Taylor had it pegged a little over a month ago. This space coupled with the available microSD slot certainly gives us a lot of room to play with and hopefully is the direction manufacturers will be heading going forward.

The second revelation is that the Incredible is going to offer TV out. Details on how exactly that is going to be offered are absent at the moment, but we will update you as we find out more.

Lastly the Incredible will offer a bevy of LED notification options as you can see in the image below.

So the Incredible just got a little more incrediblerer; do any of these features seal the deal for anyone?

Update: Alright a quick point of clarification regarding the internal storage; it is quite likely that the the 6.6 GB will not be available for app installation, but (as Anakin78z points out below) the phone memory which is definitely available for app installation is 0.92 GB which is still significantly higher than any other Android device on the market at the moment.

Secondly the TV out will be achieved through RCA cables, so no HD unfortunately. And finally while it won’t support 720p video recording at launch, but that could be fixed with an update.

Via: Phandroid

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