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Unofficial Android app count reaches 50,000+

AndroLib has reported that the total number of applications on the Android Market has exceeded 50,000; this number is a wee bit bigger than what Google itself has reported during a Q1 earnings report. Jeff Huber, Google’s senior VP of engineering reported the number to be a respectable 38,000, which stands as Google’s “official” count.

“We’re sticking to 38,000 for now. We’ll announce when we do our next formal count.”
-Google, to Android Central

50,000 seems to be quite a big over-estimate if Google is sticking to their lower figure; however, I could see the numbers getting easily inflated due to the amount of not-quite-apps on the marketplace. Any search for “Beautiful Widgets” or “Better Home” will give you a sea of entries that are just for skins, which just make finding the original app that much harder. This flood is one of the main critiques of the marketplace, and something I believe needs to be fixed ASAP to bring us a more functional environment to find apps.

Via: Android Central

Source: AndroLib

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