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Verizon set to launch an Incredible device “really soon” – April 29th

Update: I have spoken with several trusted sources and they each confirmed the April 29th launch date for the HTC Incredible.

We all know that Verizon plans to launch the HTC Incredible soon, but the carrier has been very quiet on the details of the device. The last hint  we saw was a couple of Tweets from @VZWOffers that mentioned the HTC Incredible by name and said “good things come to those who wait“. Some of the high-ups at Verizon must not have approved of that message because the tweets were removed after our article went up.

Now comes word that Verizon is preparing their employees for the launch of at least seven new devices. An email is being circulated with the subject “Get ready for liftoff” which contains an image that says “New devices launching really soon!” (see below).

So when is the HTC Incredible going to drop? Target release dates change every day, but one of our sources claims in Incredible is scheduled to arrive on April 29th. Considering the phones are already on order at Verizon warehouses, it seems likely they could make this date if they wanted to.

Part of me feels like Verizon or HTC is intentionally dropping these small hints as we approach the launch. It reminds me of all the leaks before the Nexus One launch which created a huge online buzz.

Which marketing strategy do you prefer? A big press briefing months before the launch date (Sprint EVO 4g)? Or absolutely no official information until a week before the device hits stores?

HTC Incredible on 4/29.

Something is coming...

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