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Advanced Task Manager: The Advanced Solution for Task Management

Are you a “root” user? Have you customized or “modded” your phone with better performance and features? Then you know that behind the scenes there is a lot going on that can slow your phone down, drain your battery and even cause unwanted functionality that is not easily maintained by the base Android system. Even the stock system user experiences these dastardly effects, and for them, it may be more difficult to control. Though most problems could be solved with knowledge of your command line, the easiest solution for a common user, or one that likes to take the easy way out, is to use a task manager.

The Android Market contains quite a few task managers and system performance apps to help provide a solution. However, only a few stand out and provide a certain reliability one would hope to expect from a smartphone. Thus, leading us to choices. With so many choices, where do we start?!?

Well today, my good friend, we start with Advanced Task Manager for ROOT users by Arron La. Advanced Task Manager is exactly that, a powerful and advanced task manager. It is safe to assume that 98+% of Android users suffer from power and performance issues due to applications and background processes constantly running. If you are part of that percentile ATM (Advanced Task Manager) is here to the rescue! ATM has been around since 1.5 and provides users with a non-api, powerful means of controlling our systems. ATM has been built with tools to manage running applications, monitor running services, viewing the systems condition and memory usage, application management, and much more to come!

Advanced task manager provides the user with the ability to keep their system running smoothly, and quick, by controlling the apps and services running at any given time by executing Linux commands in the background with a touch of a button in a decent GUI environment.

A brief interview with Arron La revealed ATM’s future updates will include backup features.

The next release will see a number of backup features, so users can do backups and restore applications.Arron La Advanced Task Manager

As of this moment ATM utilizes ROOT (super-user control of your system), because there is no current support to control these services to provide a powerful and fully capable interface.

ATM also includes a handy widget that “Ends All.” Advanced Task Manager also gives the user the option to exclude certain programs that the widget and the program itself will not end; otherwise, when the widget is used it kills all currently running applications and background processes, providing a very quick and nifty way to keep our system clean and quick.

The app has a free version with ads and $0.99 for the paid version with no ads.

The Good

  • The ability to uninstall applications through its uninstall function. Providing the user an embedded application management tool right from Advanced Task Manager.
  • System monitoring: allowing a GUI view of the memory each system component is using, providing the user a thorough form of finding where all your memory is going.
  • The “all apps” function that displays all currently running applications and allows the option to end a particular application from within the tool.
  • Service monitoring function: services are known culprits of bogging down the system; this tool also provides the user with the ability to end a particular service. Of course, make sure you know what you are doing.

Needs Improvement

  • Possibly a timed end all function, that would set a maximum amount of time particular applications are allowed to run.
  • The fact that it utilizes ROOT can be a negative for some. And does not allow for all Android users to experience this wonderful tool.
  • Not much to complain about, maybe a fresh GUI?

Final Verdict

Advanced Task Manager does exactly what it is supposed to and performs the way you would hope. It is now in V4.0 and from what we’ve seen so far, it will only get better and more powerful!

Note: This review was submitted by Phil Toohill as part of our app review contest.

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