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Craigsnotifica: Great app for Craigslist classifieds


Craigslist is simultaneously one of the most useful and hilarious places on the Internet; I mean, where else can you get rid of that “vintage” couch and find love, all in one place?

Joking aside, there are some advantages to be had by monitoring the classifieds. I mean, I have a couch that I got for free that has served time as a napping surface, or temporary lodging to friends – IKEA doesn’t need any more of my money.

I ran across a certain app that does an extremely good job in monitoring Craigslist for listings that appeal to you. Craigsnotifica lets you set up feeds for locations and categories, monitoring for new listings that fit your filters. If you want, it can even let you know of these changes in your notifications bar.

What I like

  • Full-featured listings, displaying media and text well. This is important, as the app seems to be working harder than just pulling the straight RSS. Props to the developer for going the extra mile.
  • Filtering based on price and location within regions is nice, and well, needed. If I had to wade through legions of housing ads instead of just filtering by bedroom, keyword and price, I wouldn’t use the app.
  • Notifications pushed to the top bar, which are editable. I prefer to have only my text and e-mails show up there, so thankfully they can be disabled.
  • Free, like Craigslist.

What I don’t

  • It’s as if they just decided to name the app “Craigslist Notifications” started typing, and then ran out of room. Then they figured they could take out “list” without losing too much meaning, and here we are: Craigsnotifica. All one word. Horrible, horrible name.

While a name isn’t a big enough factor to make me stop using an app, it just seems like a vital part of the total package. Thankfully, Craigsnotifica does its function well; hopefully I’ll be able to find a sub-letter for my Toronto apartment in the coming weeks.

Maybe this post’s comments should be used to create a new title, though. I was thinking of kicking things off with “CL Notify”, or maybe “CraigsWatch”?

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