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handyCalc: More calculator than you can handle


There are a lot of calculator apps in the Android Marketplace and a lot of them are pretty good, but while most are specialized tip calculators, handyCalc comes to the table with pretty much everything under the sun.

Right off the bat, handyCalc scores points for offering a tutorial when you first run the application. This demo walks you through some of the UI gestures, solving expressions and using trigonometric and other advanced functions. You find out that it can solve linear and non-linear equations, draw graphs of functions and even let you define your own functions to use in advanced calculations.

As a bonus handyCalc also acts as an almost universal converter (currency, measurement units, etc). It can subtract dates to find the number of days between them and help with statistical calculation by automatically suggesting the average of a sum. It even allows saving your work to a file for later use.

The good:

  • Very sleek user interface
  • Full featured scientific calculator
  • Can solve fractions as integer or decimal and trigonometric problems as degree or radian
  • Draws the graph of any function
  • Supports saving and loading files
  • Free in the Android Marketplace

Improvements I would like to see:

  • There’s a glitch when writing extremely long fractions (they go off screen) that I hope gets fixed before my next math exam

The Bottom Line

handyCalc is indeed very handy and I’d recommend it to anyone in need of a scientific calculator that does most of the job for you.

Note: This review was submitted by Alexandru-Ioan Dobrinescu as part of our app review contest.

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