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Kitten Cannon: Not PETA Approved


Kitten Cannon is a simple game produced by Hands-On Mobile and sold on the Android Market for $0.99. The goal of Kitten Cannon is to launch a kitten, puppy, or baby monkey out of a cannon the longest distance you can by any means possible. After launching your animal of choice, you will notice small TNT packages, trampolines, Venus fly traps, and death spikes. TNT and trampolines propel your animal longer distance while death spikes and Venus fly traps stop you in your tracks.

The cannon has a power meter that goes up and down. The more “full” it is, the further your initial shot goes. You also pick the level of the cannon for your shot as well. Of course the large part of the game is to hit the TNT and trampolines which are randomly placed along the trajectory of your cannon. For added difficulty, they are not placed in same spot every shot, meaning that no two shots are the same. This adds a great re-playability to the game, as you cannot simply find a certain power and angle to shoot to get the best distance. Instead, you must experiment and have a bit of luck to succeed.


  • Added Facebook and Twitter support for posting scores.
  • Scoreboard
  • $.99 price
  • More than one option for projectile


  • Currently the only sound effects are for the Kitten. For a game as polished and well known as this, I would expect to have sound effects for all options, not just one.
  • No Baby Seal choice

Final Verdict

Like many games for your cellphone, you want something quick and fun that will keep you occupied and keep you interested. With the recent update slowing the power meter to a more reasonable speed and the addition of Facebook and Twitter support, this game has been taken to a new level. If support is added for better sound effects and more animals, this game would be a solid 10. Until then, rest assured that it is well worth the $.99 and will keep you, your friends, and/or kids well occupied.

Note: This review was submitted by Adam Litke as part of our app review contest.

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