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QueueMan: Android’s premiere Netflix management application

Netflix is huge. With over 12 million active subscribers by the end of 2009, and predictions for over 28 million subs in 2016, Netflix is growing exponentially. It’s a great service, and if you haven’t used it before or aren’t currently using it – definitely give the 2 week free trial a try (if not for it’s awesome and huge Instant Play library).

You can watch movies, television shows and much more instantly on your Xbox 360, PS3, Roku box, or any computer with a decent browser. Netflix also supports shipping Blu-ray disks to your house and their library is expanding every month.

Up until now, Android has had only paltry attempts at making a decent queue-management application. That was until Eddie Webb created a super easy-to-use solution called QueueMan.

Users can add, browse, or move around their queue of movies, and they can even manage the instant queue. The UI leaves a bit to be desired, but the simplicity of it really goes a long ways.

The application even integrates your recommendations from the site into the app, so that you can add movies Netflix thinks that you might be interested in. The search functionality is very easy and simple to use and adding movies to either queue is quick and easy. You can also re-arrange your queue, so that you can add that season of Dexter that you’ve been dying to see to the top of your list.

QueueMan is still missing some very crucial features though. It’d be nice to see Eddie add in some barcode scanning (via ZXing’s wonderful “Barcode Scanner” application) so you can scan a DVD on the go (like in a Best Buy) and get that movie added to your instant or regular queue. Also we’re hoping that in future versions we’ll see more functionality and some better UI elements.

The application icon is a great example of how the application can progress over time. There is a donate version available on the market that is available for those willing to add to Eddie’s cause, but there’s a full-featured free version out too. The application is still in beta, so scan the QR code above today and get back to managing that queue!


  • Easy and quick integration into your Netflix account
  • Ability to control and manipulate your instant and regular queues
  • Taps right in to Netflix’s recommendation engine
  • Lets your search the database in-app to add new movies to either queue

Needs improving:

  • User interface could use a lot of work and polish
  • Icon looks abysmal on Android 2.0+
  • Low-res graphics on the tabs of WVGA devices (Droid, Nexus One, etc.)
  • Lacks many features to make it a full, robust app

Final Verdict

In the end though, QueueMan is a great program to help you manage your Netflix queues, and is an impressive first offering from lone wolf developer Eddie Webb.

Source: QueueMan on Google Code

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