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Shopper’s Paradise: Tower Defense meets Tycoon = Brilliant!


Tycoon lovers everywhere, Shopper’s Paradise is the game for you! A combination of ‘Lemonade Stand’ games and tower defense, Shopper’s Paradise captures your real estate mogul’s heart in your frantic search for mall domination. Featuring fast, immersive and challenging gameplay, this is a game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Similar to many games in the popular tycoon genre, Shopper’s Paradise has very simple objectives: Build stores, earn money and put your competitor out of business. And that’s where all the fun begins.

When you start, you are presented with a pile of cash and an empty mall. From there you can build 11 different types of stores (ranging from ice cream shops to cinemas). You can upgrade these stores, boosting their capacity and average sale, or sell them to your competitor (for a profit!) As the game progresses and spaces for new stores are taken, you can buy competing businesses and demolish your existing stores to make room for your new luxury retailers! To win, you must achieve specific goals, some which include owning only third level upgraded stores and no competitor stores.

The free version of Shopper’s Paradise is well worth your time, featuring 3 different maps (each on three different difficulties), different goals and 11 different store types. The paid version (currently $2.99) features 20 different maps, each with up to 4 goals! The games has cute, smooth graphics and responsive gameplay.

Shopper’s Paradise is available for Android phones version 1.5+ and only uses ~600 kB of storage space, making it easy and accessible for all Android phone owners to get it.


  • Great looking graphics and smooth gameplay
  • Good replay-ability with personal rankings and scores
  • Free version nets you a couple hours of play-time; full version much more!
  • No force closes, stalls or bugs (that I’ve ever experienced)
  • A very well polished app

Needs Improvement

  • Sometimes the game just progresses too slowly. The run/walk settings should allow faster playing.
  • It could use a level editor for users to create their own maps and mall designs!
  • Needs a career mode, where you start as a sales trainer and work your way up through challenges to become a real estate mogul!

Final Verdict

As a casual, pick-up-and-play game, Shopper’s Paradise shines with cute graphics, smooth and responsive gameplay and great replay-ability. If you enjoy ‘Lemonade Stand’ or other tycoon games, you will want to be sure to download Shopper’s Paradise and start building your empire today!

Note: This review was submitted by Christopher Bowal as part of our app review contest.

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