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SyncMyPix pulls Facebook contact photos to Android


Before I start this review, I’d like to give a little note: those looking to download this app will have to do so from this link.

When I found out that my Android phone had the ability to have a picture assigned to each contact, this presented me with a unique problem: I tend to be really lazy. At the moment I have roughly 97 entries on my phone; finding a photo for each one of these people, uploading it and then attaching it to their contact would be a taxing experience.

Thankfully I managed to find Syncmypix. Recommended to me by name only, I found it after a bit of a hunt (explained more below). What it does is sync with your Facebook contacts and automatically attaches a person’s profile photo to their Android contact card if it shares the same name. This allows for a one-touch sync which (theoretically) allows for a lot less stress.

What I like:
- The ability to make a timed sync so that photos stay current. This can be changed based on your preferences to how often you want Syncmypix running in the background.
- A one-touch “sync” button.
- Cheap as free and open source
- The ability to attach a photo to a contact if the name doesn’t match up. This is achieved by long-pressing a contact within the scan’s results. This is great for friends who have the habit of using middle names as last names, or like one friend of mine, has their last name spelled backwards on their Facebook profile.
- A “Results” menu, which stores the data from the last sync. This saves a lot of time when you don’t feel like re-scanning everyone when you just need one picture.

What I don’t:
- How hard it is to find. It took a bit of Google searching to find this app. It isn’t on the marketplace, and AndroLib’s QR code doesn’t link to it, either. I had to find the source page and download the APK from there; the QR code in this article links to the correct place.
- Some contacts are extremely fickle. Some just refuse to sync, no matter how similar the names are. I find it best to fix this problem if you have the “Crop” option enabled in options. If you assign a picture to a contact manually and it doesn’t ask you to crop the photo, there’s a good chance it isn’t going to successfully attach to the contact card.
- I had some problems using the Facebook Connect menu when the app asked for permission to use my account. I think this was more of a browser issue that one with the application; clicking the “Login” button just didn’t seem to want to send the request.

SyncMyPix is a great app that does what a lot of us don’t want to do. I’d think of it as an essential service for the Android because it automates a normally-mundane process; I think if more developers made apps with this statement in mind, we’d see a lot more functionally useful offerings.

Now, if only it weren’t a pain to find…

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