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Tube Downloader – A different way to get videos and music to your device

Have you ever been looking for a song or video and you just can’t seem to find it anywhere else but YouTube, Daily Motion, or Google video? I’ve encountered that problem several times when the song on YouTube is a remix of a song I like. With Tube Downloader, not only are you able to download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, and Google video but you’re also able to choose if you’d like to only download the music.

Tube Downloader Free by Koyote Soft Mobile allows you to search for the video straight from the app. It then takes you to the results page where you can find the video you’re looking for. When a video is selected a menu comes up with options in which you can preview the video before downloading, an information tab, download as video option, download as Mp3 (medium quality) option, and also a download as AAC (Highest Quality) option.


  • You can strip a song from the video directly on your phone.
  • Different formats – Mp3, AAC


  • It takes a really long time to fetch videos or even preview them.
  • Many people on the market have complained that the app has stopped working or gives constant errors. I’ve experienced a few of these errors but overall you can see past these errors but a fix would be much loved by everyone.

Final Verdict

This app is a definite must have on any phone. There is a free version and a paid version. The free version is a pretty awesome. The paid version is €1.99 and the developer well deserves it for such a great app.

Note: This review was submitted by Erick Romero as part of our app review contest.

Phone and version used: Nexus One, version 1.14

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