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3banana: Organize your life online and on the go

I’m a forgetful person. Often I’ll be talking with someone and come up with some good idea or something I need to remember for later on during the day, only to blank out when I actually need to make use of that information later on. Recently, I have taken to making a calendar appointment for every little idea I have or thing I need to pick up on the way home from work. Needless to say, my calendar is now one big organizational nightmare.

Enter 3banana notes. This simple but powerful note taking program allows me to take quick notes while on the go, and syncs them with my phone and Snaptic’s website for easy access anytime. Users can simply select their Google or Snaptic account, log in and start syncing. Then head over to and login with either account to view your notes right from your PC. 3banana also allows you to share notes with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

The app itself is fairly basic but is very pleasant to use. The main screen features your most recent 4-6 notes, as well as a text box for entering notes and a camera button to enter a picture note.

One nifty and extremely useful feature is the ability to categorize your notes by adding twitteresque hashtags to your posts. This comes in very handy when you have hundreds of notes to go through to find the one note you’re looking for.

Another addition to 3banana is the ability to scan a QR code into the note using the Barcode Scanner application. I personally don’t know that I’d ever use this feature, as if I’m going to scan the QR code of an app I’d prefer to just go download the app right then and there anyway, but either way this is a very welcome addition to 3banana’s repertoire.

3banana also includes a widget for quick access to add a text and picture note. The widget makes note-taking ridiculously simple and quick, and works really well. You can also pin a note to the homescreen for a quick reminder for later on.


  • Widget for quick and easy note-taking
  • Easily sync with with your google account
  • Twitteresque hashtags for simple categorization
  • Ability to take photo notes and QR Codes

Things I’d like to see in future versions

  • General Color coding (although that may get out of hand with too many categories)
  • Cleaner/More polished UI

Final Verdict

This app has really been a lifesaver for me. If nothing else, it has made my life (and my Google Calendar) much more manageable and organized. 3Banana (currently in version 1.17) can be found for free on the Android market, and is arguably one of the top Android apps there is.

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