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Paypal: Manage your account and send money on the go

Paypal is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to pay for things online, offering strict security encryption of your personal data and the convenience of being accepted at most major online retailers. Paypal is also a very good way for organizations or groups to accept donations, or for some employers to pay their employees. It’s also a good way for small/home businesses to accept credit card payments.

Paypal has released an app to help Paypal users view their current Paypal balance, send money from your paypal account, and view your transaction history, all conveniently from your Android phone. The balance tab is overly minimalistic, with a snapshot view of your current account balance.

The history section looks at–obviously– your historical transactions. An added bonus here is that positive transactions (such as money transfers from your bank to your Paypal account) are black in color, whereas money out is in orange lettering. This makes for an easy to read and pleasant viewing experience, and is very helpful for keeping track of your purchases.

Finally, Paypal allows you to send money to anyone, with convenient contact book integration for easy payment to individuals in your contact list. The send money tab also features the ability to…err…send money in many different currencies for added convenience for all of you international types. Users also have the option of attaching a short note to their donation.

The Goods

  • Minimalistic UI. Lacks polish but does the job well.
  • Convenient access to your Paypal account while on the go.
  • Transaction view allows you to figure out what you’ve been spending money on.

The Bads

  • Can’t really use this app for online shopping. Tighter integration with the Android platform would be nice, though not essential since you can pay via paypal through many stores via the browser.

Final Verdict: The Official Paypal app is a very good 1.1.3 release and promises easy management of your Paypal account while on the go. Though somewhat simplistic, it gets the job done and does it pretty well.

Paypal can currently be found for free on the Android Market. It should support all Android platforms, but as usual please let us know if you have trouble accessing the app.

Source: Paypal for Android

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