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Android passes iPhone sales in U.S. smartphone market

New market research from The NDP Group confirms Android phones outsold the iPhone last quarter in the United States. RIM’s Blackberry OS remained at the top with 36%, while Android jumped to number two with 28%, followed by the iPhone OS at only 21%.

Now that all four major U.S. carriers (and several regional) are selling Android phones, we can’t say this comes as a surprise. A dozen smartphones across all the carriers should result in higher sales (just look at Blackberry).

The real question now, is how long will the iPhone remain an AT&T exclusive? Engadget is reporting that Apple and AT&T signed a five-year deal that reportedly does not end till May 21st, 2012. Can Apple afford to keep the iPhone locked to a single U.S. carrier while Android adoption continues to rise?

Q1 2010 smartphone sales in the U.S.

Data from The NPD Group.

Source: The NDP Group

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