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Google updates mobile search, adds advanced options

When Google updated its search results page yesterday with a new sidebar, it also made similar additions to its mobile version. The official Google Mobile blog announced that if you’re in the United States and search for something on your phone’s browser via, you’ll now have a new blue arrow beside the search field. Clicking this arrow will expand an advanced search pane, like it does on the desktop version.

This advanced search will allow you to narrow down your search based on “News”, “Updates” and “Products”, as evidenced by the screenshots. Hopefully it isn’t limited to these three categories, as I would assume there’s legions of others results could be sorted into. Also available is the option to sort by when the results were indexed by Google; this would be especially useful with the “News” filter to find up-to-the-minute information.

Kind of disappointing this isn’t available in Canada yet, but I guess those outside the US will have to be patient while Google rolls it out elsewhere.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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