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HTC Evo 4G is available for pre-order at Best Buy

If the little monthly pricing hiccup didn’t diminish your fondness for the Evo 4G too much then you are going to want to run not walk to your nearest Best Buy as in-store pre-ordering is now available.

I haven’t seen pre-ordering available anywhere else yet, so at the moment this is the only way to be certain you will have the Evo in your hot little hands on launch day.

As a quick reminder, although I suspect you don’t need it, the Evo 4G is dropping on June 4th and will run you $199.

Anyone heading out to the blue and gold to stake their claim on 4.3″ of Android goodness?

Update: The Shack (a.k.a. Radio Shack) will also be willing to take your money for a shiny new Evo starting tomorrow. This is also an in store only thing, but reportedly like Best Buy they will waive the mail-in rebate and they are sweetening the deal a little more by throwing in a $20 gift certificate for accessories if you plunk down a $50 deposit.

Via: Boy Genius Report

Source: Best Buy

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