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Incredible would “definitely outsell” the Droid minus supply constraints

Verizon sold 100,000 Droid Incredible phones in the first two days after launch (which sounds impressive), but that number could have been much higher. We reported that the Incredible was sold out on day one and now Verizon is telling customers they will have to wait till June 4th before new orders are shipped.

Who is to blame for this shortage? We could point the finger at a lot of people, but Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam called out Samsung in an interview with MSNBC. McAdam’s cites component shortages, such as the advanced AMOLED displays made by Samsung Electronics, as the reason for the supply constraints.

“When a shipment gets to a store now, it’s gone in a matter of hours,” McAdam said. “We’ve had to pull way back … Right now supply is a big problem.” If not for the shortages, McAdam thinks the Incredible would “definitely outsell” the Motorola Droid.

Now that potential buyers have to wait till June 4th to get their hands on the Incredible, some might be eyeballing the Sprint EVO 4G which launches on the same day. Sometimes companies limit supply to generate hype about demand, but it sounds like Verizon genuinely missed the boat with this launch.

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Source: MSNBC

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