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Possible Droid 2 passes Wi-Fi certification

There’s been rumblings around the Internet of two new Motorola devices that could be coming at us in the near future. One is the Motorola Shadow, which has been floating around for awhile. The other which hasn’t been named yet, is speculated to be the successor to the Motorola Droid.

While there hasn’t been much in the way of evidence of this phone, something cropped up today that lends serious credence to the idea that the Droid might be getting a bigger brother

A new Motorola phone just passed Wi-Fi certification that bears the model number A955. Those familiar with Droids and Milestones know that those phones have model numbers of A855 and A853, respectively. A Twitter feed claiming to monitor Android device signatures has posted an update from a phone marked¬†¬†“cdma_droid2/A955/droid2_vzw/mot”, pointing to a new Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon.

Hopefully more information will emerge, but this is all we have for now.

Via: Droid Life

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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