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Really??? Qik video chat on the Sprint EVO will cost $5 per month

So you just picked up your new Sprint EVO 4G with front-facing camera and you are ready to make your first video call. What are your choices when it comes to video chat applications? Users could download the new Fring and start video chatting for free OR they could opt for Qik and start paying $5 per month.

Yup, you read that correct. Mobile video chat with Qik will be a “premium service” with a $4.99 monthly recurring charge (via PayPal). This fee will be in addition to the mandatory $10 Android tax that Sprint is tacking on to all EVO calling plans.

The Qik application is prominently featured on the front of the EVO box and it comes preinstalled, so I’m sure they will get a few sign-ups. However, I wonder how long those customers will keep paying once they learn they can get the same functionality for absolutely nothing.

Employee training materials from Sprint.

Employee training materials from Sprint.

Source: AndroidGuys

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