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Samsung Galaxy S to also feature Atmel maXTouch sensors

As we pointed out several months ago, not all touch screen sensors are created equal. Many first generation Android phones used the older Synaptics ClearPad 2000 sensor, but now handset makers are beginning to transition to the newer Atmel maXTouch.

The Atmel maXTouch sensors (mxt224) offer superior performance and low power consumption. These new sensors recognize an unlimited number of touches, offer faster response times, and have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

HTC was the first to implement the maXTouch sensors in their Incredible and EVO phones, but other handset makers are now following suit. Our friends over at Frandroid have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S will also feature a touch sensor from Atmel. Check out the video after the jump to see their multitouch demonstration.

No U.S. release dates have been announced for the Samsung Galaxy S, but it is expected to launch on all four major carriers. T-Mobile could be first, but I would not be surprised if it appeared on another carrier earlier.

Complete highlights of the Atmel maXTouch solution include:

  • Unlimited touches
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast response – completely redraws screen every 4/1000 of a second (4ms) to eliminate recalibration issues
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio for superior precision – 3x better than competitive products
  • Superior performance for first-touch response – 3x better than competitive products
  • Unambiguous, unlimited touch support
  • Responsive user interface: > 250 Hz report rate for a single touch
  • Extremely low current consumption: < 1.8 mW in “touch-ready” state
  • Two touch adjacency of less than 10 mm on a 4.3″ touchscreen
  • Small footprint with few external components
  • Supports stylus, fingernails, and gloves
  • Grip and face suppression functionality: avoids false touches
  • Size and angle of touch supported
  • Screen sizes up to 10.2″ are supported by a single chip
  • Proximity channel support

Source: Frandroid

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