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Samsung Mobile not deaf, responds to Behold II owners

Bad news. Good news.  The T-Mobile Behold II will not receive Android 2.1, but it will receive a badly needed update to Android 1.6.

In what appears to be a minor victory for upset Behold II owners, Samsung Mobile posted an official response to the wave of negative posts that hit the blogosphere this week. Samsung and T-Mobile are working to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 (which adds important features like Google Maps Navigation and Google Voice search). Customers will also get a couple of T-Mobile exclusives like the Swype virtual keyboard.

After the 1.6 update, that is the end of the road for the Behold II. Samsung claims the phone “is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6″.

No reason was given, but we are pretty sure the phone is technically able to run Android 2.1. Our guess is that this comes down to money and someone doesn’t want to shell out the cash to have Samsung engineers spend their time upgrading all the hardware drivers so they work with the newer Linux kernel found in Android 2.1.

For those who are wondering, we are still waiting to hear from T-Mobile on the fate of the G1 and original myTouch 3G. Both phones could also technically run Android 2.1, but T-Mobile has not offered an official death sentence to either phone.

“Samsung Mobile and T-Mobile USA are planning to update the Behold II to Android 1.6 which provides access to Google Maps Navigation, Google Voice Search capability and quick search box for Android. The update will also supply additional benefits including Swype, an improved Media Player, updated core Android applications and improved Bluetooth capabilities. However, the Behold II is not upgradeable beyond Android 1.6.”Samsung Mobile

If you are a Behold II customer, please let us know what you think. Does this news make you happy or sad?

Update: Actually, I think we should blame this entire fiasco on Behold II Man. It was his responsibility to make the phone look cool and sell tons, but his super powers have failed us.

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