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SlingPlayer reaches private beta phase for Android

4 years ago 21

No huge surprise here as the folks from Sling Media were touting a summer launch of SlingPlayer Mobile for Android when we caught up with them at the gdgt live event in Austin, but according to information received by Phandroid earlier today the app is entering private beta right now.

The text of the email suggests that they are trying to fly under the radar with this one, but obviously that was an exercise in futility.

Hi ,

The wait is finally over! A new private beta is available for the SlingPlayer Mobile for Android. Since your beta profile is a good match for testing, you have the opportunity to join the new beta program.

Please note this is a special invitation so do not share this email or the below URL with anyone else. Also, do not mention you received an invitation, that the beta is starting, or anything that’s related. Due to the overwhelming demand for this program, we’d like to keep things as quiet as possible. Just think of it as a secret club! ;) SlingPlayer Mobile for Android Beta Invite

Sling’s ability to basically serve up all the services from your home system is certainly unique and I was a big fan and user on my old HTC Touch, but it will be interesting to see if the need to purchase separate hardware will prove too much of a deterrent for potential users considering all the streaming competition coming to Android this year.

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