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Sprint EVO 4G data for $10 mandatory premium

We knew special plans were being created for the Sprint EVO 4G and now we have the details. Customers can still use their Everything Data with Any Mobile, Anytime plans (starting at $69 a month), but they will be charged a mandatory (as confirmed by Sprint reps to Engadget) $10 per month “Premium Data add-on” on top of their plan.

Update: The 4G “Premium Data add-on” is optional. Multiple people at the event, including Engadget and Android Central, are reporting the $10 “Premium Data add-on” is mandatory.

John Taylor, a Sprint PR rep, has posted more details on the $10 add-on plan. “If you buy the Sprint 4G EVO, you have to pay this $10 charge each month. This is specific to the device. It’s not related to whether you are using 3G or 4G. It is required if you have the phone.”

This means the cheapest plan you can get with the Sprint EVO 4G will run you $79 per month (plus fees and taxes).

Customers who wish to take advantage of the Mobile Hotspot feature, which allows users to share 4G data with up to 8 devices, will be charge an additional $29 per month. So those who opt for internet tethering will have a monthly bill of at least $108. That is definitely one of the most expensive individual plans you can get for an Android phone, but it is hard to argue with considering what Sprint is offering.

Now that the full pricing options have been detailed, how does this effect your decision to purchase an EVO 4G?

Source: Sprint

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