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Sprint still testing Android 2.1 upgrades

Sprint had hoped their Android customers would be upgraded to Android 2.1 by now, but they are still working with HTC and Samsung to deliver you a “positive experience”. We reported Sprint was internally testing their Android 2.1 upgrades last month and hoped to have them ready by early Q2, but it appears they have run into problems.

The two main issues could be Sprint’s inability to deliver over the air updates and the fact that Android 2.1 upgrades require a wipe. Customers will be able to download the updates from their PC, but there is a concern many will not. We recently learned that 90% of Samsung Moments were running a non-current software version (because the last update was also PC-based).

Rolling out a massive upgrade to all your customers is a huge challenge (just ask Verizon). No other United States carrier has released Android 2.1 for a first-gen phone, so it appears everyone is experiencing the same Android-growing-pains together. Either that or Google is secretly conspiring with the carriers on a simultaneous release (I doubt it).

It sounds like Sprint customers have a few more weeks of waiting at least. Sprint only uses “Q2″ when referring to the release schedule, so it could happen at the end of June for all we know.

The following is a quick update that was posted on the official Sprint forums.

We wanted to let you know that Sprint continues to work closely with Samsung and HTC to deliver the highly anticipated Android 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment and HTC Hero. We are on track for the upgrade to be available in Q2. Sprint had hoped to have this resolved by now – we thank our customers for their patience as we work to bring them a positive experience with this upgrade.Official Sprint StatementRe: Android 2.1

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Source: Sprint

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