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Tweetdeck working on mega-project for Android

While you would think that the announcement of first-party Twitter apps for smartphones would stunt the amount of third-part news, Tweetdeck isn’t slowing down. In a blog entry posted earlier today, the popular Twitter client unveiled the development of a mobile web version of their client, which has up until now been a “secret mission”.

Aside from mentioning their forthcoming (but still release date-less) Android client as a “meg- project”, the Tweetdeck team mentioned the realm of possibilities that HTML5 was opening up for web development and that a mobile web app would let anyone access the features of their popular client whenever they wanted.

They cited reasons like improving phone battery life (instead of running an app in the background) and accessibility for moving forward with a web app. However their reason for the latter was kind of weak: if you were on a friend’s phone and desperately needed to check your tweets, you shouldn’t have to install an app on their phone.

I’d say that’s a bit reaching to be accessible. If I didn’t have my phone on me and really needed to check Twitter that bad, wouldn’t be good enough?

Finally, by focusing our efforts on a single web based product we can provide the attention and resources to really make the experience shine. Web-based development is efficient and lean so you can expect new functionality to come fast and furious. Tweetdeck

Source: Tweetdeck

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