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Xperia X10 Mini makes fingers break dance

Thanks to Verizon, Android TV commercials are in full force lately. We love seeing what promotional campaigns the carriers and handset makers come up with, even when they leave us speechless. Sony Ericsson just uploaded their first ad for the upcoming Xperia X10 Mini and it is one of the coolest videos we have seen.

There is still no word if this phone will actually land in the United States, but it has been rumored for AT&T and T-Mobile since it’s a GSM device. Sony Ericsson had hoped to get the original Xperia X10 on a U.S. carrier, but they got passed up by newer phones running the latest Android 2.1 firmware.

Is anyone saving a spot in their pocket (or purse) for the X10 mini?

Source: YouTube

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