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Dell Streak 5 coming unlocked for $500 next month

Do you rank display size as the most important feature when purchasing a smartphone? If your answer is yes, then circle next month on your calendar for the Dell Streak. This beast of a phone features a five inch display, which teeters on tablet territory.

We were already expecting the device on AT&T late this summer, but now we learn that it will also sold direct on Dell.com. Customers should be able to purchase the Streak unlocked for around $500 in late July.

Since the device is being sold unlocked, we highly suspect there will be a T-Mobile version available. Dell already said they would produce a model with AWS support (that’s T-Mobile 3G) and we have seen this version pass through the FCC. T-Mobile has already supported other unlocked Android phones like the Nexus One, so there is no reason to think they wouldn’t do the same for Dell’s device.

Even though we have an estimated date and price, Dell is still unsure how to classify the Streak. Some call it a smartphone while others refer to it as a mini tablet or slate. When asked what category he would place the device in, Dell spokesman Ron Garriques said, “it is the largest internet device that fits in your top pocket”.

Your average consumer might be wowed by the monster display, but the hardcore Android nerd will be disappointed by the Streak’s outdated firmware. All reports so far suggest that the Dell Streak will launch with last year’s Android 1.6. An upgrade to Android 2.2 is already being planned, but that will not be available till Q4. If you have to wait till Q4 to receive the Android 2.2 upgrade, then one might as well wait and purchase the next generation of Android phones that we expect this holiday season.

If you are considering a new Android phone, please weigh in and let Dell know what you think of their first attempt at a high-end Android device. Is a five inch display enough to win you over or will the outdated version of Android be a deal-breaker?

Check out the tech demo below for the entire awkward interview from the D8 Conference.

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Source: AllThingsD

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