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doubleTwist releases companion Android app for desktop client

DoubleTwist has announced today that they have released an Android music player replacement app–offering music, video, podcast, and picture integration with its PC and Mac software. The doubleTwist press release states that their app will bring a seamless end-to-end media experience that will allow users to finally leave their iPods at home.

Initial set up of the PC-based application and syncing files with your Android device will take a while (30-60 minutes or so), so be sure to give yourself plenty of time for that process to work. Once you have synced this information with your phone, all the content you have chosen to sync will now be readily available on your Android device in a convenient all-in-one media powerhouse application.

So how well does the application work, you ask?  The application itself functions much like the stock music player, but features both audio and video playback within the app itself. Video and audio playback worked flawlessly, and the UI is as good if not better than the stock Android music app. DoubleTwist simply gets it, and definitely has the potential to replace the stock music app for many people.

To celebrate the new release, doubleTwist is offering this app for free for a limited time. After the ill-defined limited time expires, the app will set users back a modest $0.99.

So is a free app that offers iTunes like syncing of music, videos, podcasts, and pictures not enough to convince you to download doubleTwist? Well, doubleTwist will soon offer online radio (similar to Pandora/Slacker) AND wireless sync support.

DoubleTwist is certainly setting itself up to be the ultimate multimedia powerhouse for the Android platform. Only time will tell if it truly will become the one multimedia app to rule them all (our…precious?).

Already trying out doubleTwist? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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