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Droid Shadow leaks Episode IV: A New Hope

I think it is safe to say that containment has been breached on the Motorola Droid Shadow/Xtreme as the leaks just keep on coming.

The latest photos come courtesy of Droid-Life and give us a new side view of the device (pictured at top) and yet another look at the front of the phone.

Past profile shots of the device have been showing off the HDMI-out, but this time we are greeted by the dedicated camera button and volume rocker which look nearly identical to the original Droid other than the coloring which is toned down on the camera button and chromed out on the volume rocker. The most notable feature is probably the flared top of the phone and I’m definitely curious to see what that feels like in hand.

The screen is unfortunately obscured by the standard out of the box screen covering, but we have seen it before and can all probably picture what a 4.1″ screen is going to look like. The physical menu, home, back, and search buttons remain and may be a welcome change to some from the capacitive trend.

Finally as is also becoming tradition with the Shadow/Xtreme leaks we have a few amended features from this tipster.

  • Android 2.2
  • 9 home screens

This is in direct contrast to previous reports so we either have multiple OS/skin pairings out there for testers (certainly possible) or someone is just trying to stir the pot. Either way it doesn’t look like the real answers to those questions are going to be forthcoming until we actually see something official from Motorola. These latest images in particular make the device look like it is ready for retail packaging so hopefully the countdown timer can be measured in weeks and not months.

I know people reacted somewhat adversely to the suggestion that this would be running the new MOTOBLUR last time we talked about it, but will the addition of MOTOBLUR alone be enough to make you take a pass on this device?

Just in case you need a refresher the remaining rumored specs are below.

  • Verizon
  • 4.1″  TFT FWVGA screen
  • 720 MHz OMAP 3630 Processor
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • 8 MP Camera
  • 720p Video Recording
  • mini-HDMI out
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • MicroSD support up to 32GB
  • ~9mm at the bottom of the device flaring to ~11mm at the top
  • Launch window: July-August

Via: Droid Life

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